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Every year in October/November it is becoming usual a quick trip to Barcelona (Spain) to attend VMWorld - Europe for all VMware enthusiasts or anyone interested in the virtualization world.

This year was another great conference in a fantastic city and a lot of opportunities to consume new information and get in touch with some of the future solutions.

However, this year was a bit different since me and some team mates had additional responsabilities presenting in VMWorld, some of us in the stage others giving some colour to the Rackspace booth and even an opportunity to contribute for the NSX Roving Reporter.

Quick Talks

Private Cloud in a Multi-Cloud World (Rackspace booth)


Automating lab deployments using VMware Cloud Foundation and Nested Virtualization (Rackspace booth)


NSX Roving Reporter with Ather Beg

Alex Galbraith

Ricardo Adao

Stage presentations

Lessons Learned from Real-World vSAN Operations (HCI1329BES)

vSAN enables low cost, high performing, policy-based storage for vSphere environments and is quickly becoming the first-choice storage solution for private and public cloud solutions. Due to its hyper-converged nature, vSAN differs in many ways from standard array-based storage and also impacts how vSphere is operated. There are considerations to take into account when designing and managing a vSAN cluster to maximize availability and performance, including what firmware and drivers to use, alarm thresholds, and process changes. Rackspace is using vSAN as the primary storage for its hosted private cloud solution and has extensive experience with its design and operational support.


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Automate Hosted Private Clouds Everywhere using VMware Cloud Foundation (HYP1369BES)

A software-defined private cloud based on VMware technologies provide the agility and flexibility to run both cloud-native and traditional workloads in a secure and operationally efficient manner. A VMware private cloud includes many different components that require specific skill sets to install and efficiently manage. VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) simplifies the installation, operation, and lifecycle management process of complete VMware private cloud. Many applications are also required to run in a specific location due to latency to IoT edge devices, cost of networking, or data sovereignty. Rackspace delivers VMware private clouds in their own, third-party and customer data centers, and uses VCF Service Provider to do this efficiently.


  • Paul Wilson, Product Engineer, Rackspace
  • Per Thorn, Principal Architect, Rackspace

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