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VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) is an integrated software stack that uses SDDC Manager as a tool to automate the deployment and lifecycle management.

SDDC Manager keeps a repository of VCF Bundles needed to update all the components managed or deployed using VCF.

The easy way to populate the repository is to download the bundles directly from VMware.

When SDDC Manager has internet connectivity the setup is quiet straightforward, however when the access is done through an http proxy the configuration require some configurations changes directly in the appliance.

SDDC Manager only supports proxy servers that do not require authentication

The official VMware Documentation link is at Download Bundles With a Proxy Server

Connect to SDDC Manager using an SSH client

Login to SDDC Manager using vcf user credentials. Then we will need to elevate privileges to root:

su -

SDDC Manager login

Change the right configuration file

From VCF 2.3 and newer the configuration file is:


Before VCF 2.3 the configuration was:


SDDC Manager Config Files

Configuration changes

Changes will be done in properties


SDDC Manager Config Properties

Edit them accordingly

SDDC Manager Configuration changes

Restart the service

To get the settings activated we need to restart the lcm service.

system restart lcm

SDDC Manager Restart LCM service

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