PowerCLI - Configure multiple ESXi Power Policy

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This is a quick powershell script that setups up ESXi Power Policies in all the hosts in a cluster or vCenter.

Script Parameters

  • Mandatory
    • vCenter » vCenter FQDN/IP to connect too
    • vCenterUsername » vCenter Username
    • vCenterPassword » corresponding password
    • powerProfile » Power Profile config to use:
      • High Performance
      • Balanced
      • Low Power
      • Custom
  • Optional
    • cluster » Cluster name if we want to change the hosts from a single cluster

The code is pretty simple, but it worth to point out the relevant parts of it

  • Hash Table to adapt/translate the common name of the Power Policies to the right value needed by the ConfigurePowerPolicy method
# Keys for the values needed for the ConfigurePowerPolicy method
$powerProfiles =  @{
    "High Performance" = 1 ;
    "Balanced"         = 2 ;
    "Low Power"        = 3 ;
    "Custom"           = 4
  • List the current status
$currentState = $vmHosts | Sort-Object $_.Name| `
 Select Name,@{ N="CurrentPolicy"; `
    E={$_.ExtensionData.config.PowerSystemInfo.CurrentPolicy.ShortName}}, `
    @{ N="CurrentPolicyKey"; `
      E={$_.ExtensionData.config.PowerSystemInfo.CurrentPolicy.Key}}, `
    @{ N="AvailablePolicies"; `

 $currentState | Format-Table -AutoSize
  • Change effectively the Power Policy
# Set the PowerProfile to the desired state
(Get-View ($vmHosts | `

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